Anza Tshipetane

Category: Vision

Anza Tshipetane, 20, is a second-year medical student at the University of Cape Town, and founder and CEO of the Bright Young Leaders Initiative (BYLI). The youth empowerment organisation helps young people realise their hidden qualities and ability to become changemakers in their communities. Its vision is to bring together innovation and social responsibility within young people by creating a platform of exposure to different areas in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), where young leaders acquire skills that they can use to solve social problems.

The aim of BYLI is to expand the horizons of rural students by creating international opportunities for students to learn outside their comfort zones and open doors to platforms such as the London International Youth Science Forum. They send their winner to attend, learn, and come back to inspire.

BYLI gives disadvantaged students hope to pursue their careers in science by getting them scholarships to fund their studies. Tshipetane and her team are currently working on a rural school innovation camp in collaboration with the University of Venda that is set to take place in September 2019. The aim of this camp will be to expose students to more STEM fields. Students will be exposed to things like robotics, computer science and programming, sustainable development goals and research methodology.

Anza also founded Young Leaders In Health, a career development programme designed specifically for learners who want to pursue careers in health sciences. The aim is to close the gaps present in the health sector by supporting more students, especially those from disadvantaged communities, to enrol and study for careers in health sciences. YLIH teaches emerging health professionals to be mindful of their communities by encouraging community engagement and volunteerism.

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