Evaen Naidoo

Category: Compassion

Evaen Naidoo, 22, is the vice chairperson of a tutoring programme that he runs for underprivileged children on weekends. His organisation, EduliftSA, is a non-profit organisation that offers school going children tuition for subjects like English, Maths and Science. It also focuses on reading and comprehension skills and has recently added a reading programme aimed at increasing literacy. The children who attend are provided with a meal and take part in physical activities that promote health and well-being.

Evaen offers master classes addressing a range of topics suitable for the various genders and age groups, such as feminine hygiene, sex education, gender inequalities, etc. He relies on a group of volunteers who help to tutor the students but the lessons preparation is his responsibility. He spends an enormous amount of time preparing lessons for the students all the while completing his own studies towards a LLB degree at the University of Johannesburg.

He is always on the lookout to find sponsors to assist with the provision of meals and drinks for the students. When there is a shortfall he uses his own allowance to buy food for the students.

Evaen mentors the children and offers them support that extends beyond the classroom. He exhibits a passion for giving back to society and firmly believes that education offers a vehicle for social transformation.

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