Manchala Sithole

Category: Compassion

Manchala Sithole, 24, from Soshanguve, Gauteng is deeply involved in uplifting his community through his active involvement in multiple projects and foundations. His range of outreach programmes is vast, and includes extensive mathematics tutoring, coding programs, women empowerment, youth job creation and tackling substance abuse through sport.

His passion for mathematics is a common theme throughout his work, and he runs a yearly mathematics competition that aims at helping learners from the township and rural areas to realise their potential. The project is structured to involve those who are performing poorly. In this he tries to improve their marks and by all means to change their lives.

He works in partnership with Kaya FM to take care of one of the township schools in Thembisa, which involves winter classes for the young learners, teaching mathematics and tackling social issues.

Manchala was a community outreach manager and vice Chairperson for the faculty of Engineering at the university of Pretoria, worked with Dr Martina Jordaan and represented South Africa in USA and Mexico on Social responsibility and sustainability.