Michael Shackleton

Category: Resilience

Michael Shackleton from Centurion developed a serious stutter after the death of his parents.

His father died of cancer in 2001 just before he started high school and his mother died of heart failure in 2008 just before his mid-year exams during his first year at university.

The 31-year-old improved upon the stutter through Toastmasters, which is a non-profit educational organisation that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of promoting communication and public speaking skills.

The Master’s graduate in law went on to speak in Parliament, becoming a member in 2018.

Michael gives back to the community by mentoring others through Toastmasters. He is the president of Junior Chamber International Tshwane which aims to uplift orphanages and NGOs and impart business and entrepreneurial skills to young South Africans.

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