Msizi Phewa

Category: Compassion

Msizi Phewa, 33, has a heart for the upliftment of the youth in a very disadvantaged community outside Durban called KwaNyuswa, where the unemployment rate is high.

As the unpaid manager of the Light Providers Community Centre he encourages learners to participate in after-school drama and musical activities as well as sport. During the day he provides courses in life skills and basic computer skills for unemployed youth, facilitated by people from the local community. Several graduates of his computer skills programme are taking the course into local primary schools.

Msizi has been given the use of a Community Hall, which is well positioned in the community but requires extensive maintenance before he will be able to make full use of the facility. He has great vision for the further upliftment of the local community, even with extremely limited resources. He has no regular income, and charges a minimal fee for his adult classes.