Thapelo Nthite

Category: Vision

Thapelo Nthite, 23, describes himself as someone who has a deep passion for social justice and figuring out ways in which technology can be used to reduce inequalities on the continent. He is currently completing his degree in mechatronics engineering at the University of Cape Town.

He is also the co-founder of Bothlale-AI Solutions, a company which aims to produce software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to better the lives of South Africans. The company has won a number of competitions and awards. Some of the innovations Nthite has worked on include a machine learning system for security cameras called Liso as an online chat-bot system called Naledi which uses indigenous South African languages in both text and speech, to improve access to online services for non-English-speaking South Africans.

Get in touch with Thapelo on LinkedIn or visit Bothlale-AI Solutions.