Tsietsi Morobi

Category: Creativity

Tsietsi Morobi, 32, moved into Kids Haven at the age of nine after losing his mother, but manged to thrive and secure a scholarship to a school in Kimberley where he had his first taste of theatre productions. After school, he received a bursary from the Tomorrow Trust to study Drama at Wits. Since graduating with his Honours degree, Tsietsi has donated every Friday, plus additional days in school holidays, to start and run the Kids Haven drama programme.

Tsietsi works alongside the community development team to share drama and performance focused on child protection with children at schools. He understands that drama gives children the voice to think through their challenges, and imagine and creatively act out different responses to these challenges.

This project addresses the lack of mentorship and skills sharing within children’s homes as well as igniting a passion for performance and storytelling amongst the youth. There exists a lack of communication skills, self-expression and self-confidence amongst the youth in our society especially in these places of safety. The project uses Drama and Performance as a starting point and as a catalyst to affect social change amongst the youth in these organisations.